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Label your child´s favourite toys

Label your child´s favourite toys

Nowadays, the stick-on labels can be used almost for anything. They are helping to label the  child’s clothes or favourite things that are worn/brought to preschool, school or to the playground. In the beginning I started to use the stickers on clothes, later I applied them on shoes and lately I found out that they can be used also on other things.

name labels

I opened again the Mama Labels webpage because I like their personalised labels and because I had a good experience with this e-shop. I was fully satisfied also with the stickers I ordered this time. Good quality, nice bright colours, cute pictures. I received exactly what I ordered – a very nice personalized stick-on labels.  

name labels

With these stickers you can label anything you want or need to label. They hold perfectly on many materials and more over they just look great. The application of the labels is very simple and fast. Carefully peel the label off the sheet and apply label to an appropriate and visible place on the clothing or other object.

name labels

name labels

I believe that year by year we will find with my sun more and more things that will need to be labelled by his name and/or a nice picture. I am really looking forward to that!


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