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How to apply iron-on clothing labels

Keep in mind that stickers are not toys and should be applied by an adult or under adult supervision.

Important information

  • Iron-on name labels are very resistant to machine washing (up to 60 C) and tumble drying.
  • Iron-on name labels can be applied to any fabric that can be ironed (sweatpants, sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants, sweatpants, underwear, socks, t-shirts, jackets, hats, gloves, towels).
  • Their application is simple (no embroidery, no marker) and they last really long on clothes.
  • When ironing, do not move the iron over the place where the iron is placed (iron-on label could be damaged).
  • After washing, take the wet clothes out of the washing machine - if you leave them in the washing machine overnight, the iron-ons can get damaged.
  • Iron-on labels cannot be removed.
  • Iron-on name labels for clothing are highly durable. However, they are not laminated to best adhere to clothing and therefore the colour may smear slightly on direct contact with sunscreen.



Wash the clothes

It is recommended to wash clothes before application.


Spread out your clothes

Turn dry and clean clothes inside out and spread them out on a hard, flat surface.


Preheat the fabric

Use the iron to preheat the fabric for a few seconds.


Apply the iron-on name label

lace the iron-on label side up on a suitable and easily accessible place with the iron (on a flat surface, not over a seam or fold).


Baking paper

Cover the iron with baking paper.


Set the temperature

Adjust the temperature of the iron to the material you are ironing on, but it should not exceed 155 C.


No steaming

Turn off the steaming and let the iron warm up.


Apply the iron

Press the hot iron evenly onto the baking paper so that it is positioned over the entire surface of the iron-on label.



Do not move the iron and remove the iron after 5 seconds. Repeat this procedure 3 times (15 seconds in total).


Remove the paper

Wait for the baking paper to cool and remove it.



The iron-on should almost blend in with the texture of the fabric. If the iron-on does not stick, repeat the procedure.


Allow to dry

Let the iron-on labels dry for 24 hours before putting it in the washing machine or wearing your clothes.

Download instructions in PDF


Always remember that iron-on is not a toy and should be applied by an adult or under adult supervision. Iron-ons are highly durable, however, they are not permanent. Use caution and continually check the condition of the sticker. Our iron-on stickers are intended for children over 3 years of age.

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