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Sea World

The wall stickers are printed on a high quality fabric-like vinyl so you can't accidentally tear them when applying them. Because the adhesive takes a long time to dry you can stick them on the wall repeatedly. When you are satisfied with the position of the stickers on the wall, press firmly on them and remove any air bubbles underneath. All stickers are on the sheet separately so you can arrange them on the wall as you wish. If you need to wash the stickers, you can simply clean them with a damp cloth.


  • 1x large turtle measuring 60cm x 50cm
  • 1x large coral reef measuring 47cm x 44cm
  • 1x large sea wave measuring 24cm x 23cm
  • 2x large clown fish measuring 36cm x 18cm
  • 1x large yellow fish measuring 31cm x 19cm
  • 1x large blue fish measuring 37cm x 17cm
  • 5x clown fish 24cm x 12cm
  • 2x yellow fish measuring 24cm x 15cm
  • 2x sea wool 18cm x 9cm
  • 21x air bubble (various sizes)
  • 16x water droplet (various sizes)

Designed and produced in the EU.

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€ 74.95

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Dimensions and number of the stickers

1x big turtle 60 x 50 cm
1x big coral reef 47 x 44 cm
1x large sea wave 24 x 23 cm
2x large clown fish 36 x 18 cm
1x large yellow fish 31 x 19 cm
1x large blue fish 37 x 17 cm
5x clown fish 24 x 12 cm
2x yellow fish 24 x 15 cm
2x sea wave 18 x 9 cm
21x air bubble (various sizes) 4-8 x 4-8 cm
16x water droplet (various sizes)  2-4 x 4-7 cm

Wallstickers without name

  • Beautiful decoration of the whole room for kids
  • High quality washable vinyl and eco-friendly printing
  • Easy application on any wall
  • Can be sticked repeatedly without loss of adhesion

Personalised name labels for kids

Friendly to kids and environment
Suitable for washing machine and dryer
Dishwasher and microwave safe
100% satisfaction guarantee
Fast delivery with GLS and DHL
Excellent and friendly customer service
Free shipping for orders over € 50.00